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   Do You Really Want To Make Money?   22/10/2018

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   Bitcoin Smashes New All-Time High Of 1BTC = $10.91   02/12/2017

The world's most popular cryptocurrency has surpassed $10,915,- setting another record high. November has been an extremely volatile month for bitcoin. Earlier this month, the digital currency price fell to $5,500 after developers scrapped the SegWit2X update, leading some miners and investors to shift to offshoot bitcoin cash.

However, bitcoin returned to growth on news that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange would start trading futures on the digital currency.

Bitcoin started the year just below $1,000, and the overall growth now is approaching 850 percent. The cryptocurrencies have also been boosted by interest from institutional investors. Goldman Sachs and Citigroup have said they are researching cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underlies them and may add them to their portfolio.

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The Bitcoin’s price soared an incredible 850% since 2017, resulting in profit of thousands and even millions of dollars with minimal effort. In fact, Bitcoin is so popular, that when the trend reached the American political administration, the US financial sector tried to conceal it. Luckily, this trading system is not restricted nor prohibited in other parts of the world, and has created an unprecedented number of new millionaires in the country since it was introduced in 2015.

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   Pirate Miners Riding the Crypto Gold Rush   23/10/2017

While there has been a spate of so-called Crypto Pirate Mining uncovered, on sites like The Pirate Bay and even Showtime, it turns out the problem is bigger than expected - and growing.

However, it is a contentious issue as pirate mining, which involves a website using a script to enact a user’s processor to help them mine cryptocurrencies, is not necessarily seen as malware, yet it can be viewed as such.

The issue, however, is that this phenomenon will only continue to grow as the price of cryptocurrencies expands and the profitability of it increases.

A Question Of Ethics

It is a broad issue to face as it emerged that many do not mind having their processors used to mine digital currencies for the upkeep of other sites. In fact, some even said they preferred it over having to deal with advertising.

The Pirate Bay came clean on their mining and many said that was all that was needed, a level of openness, as it is well known that the Pirate Bay cannot utilize advertising.

However, when the likes of Coinhive, the seemingly leading scrip in this regard, is utilized, the hope is that consent will be requested, but there are instances where it is a malware-type attack.

Hundreds of websites were found to be running code created by the Coinhive project. This lets the web domains generate coins for the Monero cryptocurrency by using the processing power of visitors' computers.

"The use of Coinhive or similar mining services is itself not a malicious activity," said Yuchen Zhou and colleagues at security company Palo Alto. "It is how they are used that makes the sites malicious."

Clone Wars

Now, there are instances where people have cloned the likes of legitimate scripts put out by Coinhive, which does become malicious when it is affected.

Security news website Bleeping Computer has now found 10 separate "clones" of Coinhive that mine different types of coins for their creators.

"Most are behaving like malware, intruding on users' computers and using resources without permission," wrote Catalin Cimpanu on the Bleeping Computer site.

Some of the copycat coin-mining programs specifically target popular website creation and admin systems such as WordPress. Others, said Cimpanu, are written in Javascript and their creators try to insert them wherever they can.


   Unlock High Interest Rates   13/10/2017

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   World Bank President   13/10/2017

The president of the World Bank had some positive things to say about blockchain during a media appearance yesterday.

Speaking with CNBC, Jim Yong Kim said that the technology is "something everyone is excited about" – a statement that he followed up with a cautionary argument about cryptocurrencies.

"Blockchain technology is something that everyone is excited about, but we have to remember that bitcoin is one of the very few instances. And the other times when blockchain was used they were basically Ponzi schemes, so it’s very important that if we go forward with it, we're sure that it’s not going to be used to exploit," he told the network.

The World Bank – a financial institution that lends money to national governments – is no stranger to blockchain. It launched a blockchain development laboratory this past summer, and has supported research projects that seek to apply the tech in areas like capital formation.

Kim went on to compare cryptocurrencies unfavorably to payment systems like those operated by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba

"It takes three seconds, three seconds, to transfer as much as $160,000 to anybody who’s part of the Alibaba network, because they can assess creditworthiness in three seconds," he said.